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Top 4 Advantages and disadvantages of touch screen TV


Today's electronic products are touch screens. For example, touch screen mobile phones have made us very accustomed to it. Nowadays, TV sets have also appeared on touch screens. Touch screen TV sets are also very convenient to use. Is the touch screen TV set good? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the touch screen TV, I hope to help everyone.

Is the touch screen TV good?

Advantages of slightly screen TV:

1. light-weight and portable: Compared with the normal boob tube, the screen of the bit screen TV is employed to show the image through the molecular state controlled by the motor, thus its screen won't increase its volume notwithstanding it's massiveand therefore the ancient Compared with TV sets, touch-screen TVs square measureabundant lighter in size and straightforward to put in. If there's any state of affairsit's comparativelystraightforward to break up, and it'll not be rapt by one person as before.

2, wealthy colors: bit screen TV screen level is extremely clear, beautiful, however can also do their own bitmanagementa lot of humane than fanciful.

3, massive resolution, high definition: bit screen TV is that the pure flat glass plate used at the start, and its showangle is way higher than the normal TV show angle, and therefore the resolution of the bit screen TV is additionally higher than The resolution of ancient TV sets is higher.

4, green, no radiation: the show of the bit screen TV isn't radiation, as a result of if there's radiation, then individuals are going to be unhealthy for the body after they bit the TV for a protracted time, and therefore the bitscreen TV has no radiation, thus it is created typewriteand therefore the touch-screen TV doesn't have the matter of screen flicker, it's not really easy to visual fatigue.

5, low power consumption, long service life: compared with ancient TV sets, bit screen TV could be acomparatively energy-saving product, if you utilize it for a protracted time will save plenty of electricity, and therefore the lifetime of the bit screen TV is additionally higher than the normal TV for much longer.


Disadvantages of bit screen TVs:

1. The bit screen TV is at an obstacle within the response speed of the showfor instanceonce the TV is turned on, the normal boob tube is turned on with success in a very short time, and therefore the bit screen TV can have a reaction amount for a short time, in distinctionit'll be abundant slower.

2. the normal TV show uses phosphor, then displays the image on the phosphor through electronic lighting. The bit screen TV isn'tthus its brightness is slightly worse than that of the normal TV. If it's the LCD screen, then its viewing angle is smaller than the normal TV viewing angle. The {lcd|liquid crystal show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display is comparatively fragile and simply causes harmthus this has caused nicehassle for the utilization and maintenance of the bit screen tv.

The on top of is that the bit screen TV that Xiaobian dropped at you? the entire content of the benefits and downsides of the bit screen TV, i feel that everybody incorporates a basic understanding of the bit screen TV oncereading this text, if you would like to understand a lot of concerning the decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration information channel.

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